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What drives us
How do you build a multichain community that ties various DeFi products into a single platform for both crypto-beginners and veterans alike?
Confronted with the question, Tom and Hank are working on the answer through PixFi - the premier product of PixLabs LLC (formed on 11-11-2022 in Wyoming). The NFT aggregator will support 12 different blockchains and offer a suite of features including staking, lending and fractionalizing. With many more functionalities planned, PixFi will become a unified hub for DeFi activities.

One simple and consistent user experience for everyone.


One platform without compromise on any blockchain.


One community undivided by technical barriers.

The Web2 experience in the Web3 world.
Who we are

Tom Baiga

CEO, Chief Evangelist

Tom is a 30yr professional experienced in leading-edge technology development across start-ups, academia and enterprises. His previous 2 roles included Entrepreneur-in-Residence Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt DE 2016-2018 and Founder of Base6Bio, a DNA data storage start-up, and Global Category Leader. In the intervening time he consulted for multiple synthetic biology start-ups focused on capital raise and M&A. Tom was also a paid business consultant to HashPack and Saucer Swap, participating in their successful THF grant campaigns.


Hank H.

CTO, Technical Lead

Hank is a seasoned full-stack developer with a career spanning 5 years, where he's tackled challenging projects for F500 clients, the SEC, and two startups. One of his most notable ventures was co-founding Saucer Swap (Hedera's first DEX). He played a pivotal role in its launch, leading its INO that generated an impressive $2.4 million in funding. His natural curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit has led him to contribute to the Hedera ecosystem where he's offered technical assistance to projects and mentored developers.

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